1/3 of Your Hospital Staff may be Unavailable to Fight COVID-19.
Can You Quantify Your Risk
of Being Overrun?

Assessing your hospital’s overall risk exceeds just projecting anticipated cases.
Get clarity from your uncertainly and risks associated with supply challenges and staff becoming unavailable due to isolation measures, personal infection and resignation based on prediction models built specifically for the transmission patterns of COVID-19. Get clear insights and actions forward.

Control your Hospital’s Risk for Free

Every Hospital Team in the World is Trying to Answer the Same Pertinent Question:
When Will I Be Overrun by the Apex of COVID-19?

Based on international and national reports, one thing feels certain: the Apex of COVID-19 will come as early as mid-April in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Michigan, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Ontario and British Columbia, with the rest following in May and June. Challenge #1 inhibiting current prediction systems are outdated modeling and manual efforts:

  • Current disease transmission models are based on research from 1930’s, over 90 years old! JAMA, March 26, 2020
  • An evolving understanding of the spread of COVID-19 between staff, patient interactions
  • Poor assumptions involving a “100% Healthy” available staff
  • Insufficient local base testing data and understanding how the virus affects different cohorts
  • Financial strains of labor, equipment, and treatment costs of COVID-19 on revenue cycles

Honestly, do you have the time to do all the work?

The current COVID-19 predictive tools require continuous manual work and effort. — You don’t have the luxury to start over every day!

  • Siloed approach to tackling only one part of the risk-based question, either expected cases or supply of resources
  • Tedious manual effort to consolidate results – Wastes time!
  • No ability to securely and privately save, share and/or own data
  • No visibility or auditability to your insights and decisions
  • No integrated way to benchmark your risk across the county or state

Control your Hospital’s Risk for Free

Now Relief. There is a Better Way for Clear Answers and Actions.
Odin Health by FatBrain.ai

Quantify your risk with real-time data, up-to-date learnings and a plan forward.
Odin Health is a dynamic risk optimization framework to maximize your hospital capacity for patient admissions, staff availability and treatment.

The fully encrypted, audible framework quantifies and integrates interaction risks at patient-staff, staff-staff, staff-location levels (collectively, “PSI”) using risk scoring and segmentation for improved outcome controls. Clearly see the controls you can manage based on individual factors:

  • Individualized hospital staff availability,
  • Health and safety equipment,
  • Beds and other resources dedicated to COVID-19 (Care resource optimization),
  • Interaction risks at patient-staff, staff-staff, staff-location levels (collectively, “PSI”) using risk scoring and segmentation,
  • Local population dynamics,
  • Resource optimization,
  • Integrated financial visibility and impact (30, 60, 90 days),
  • … plus additional factors coming online in April 2020

Get Clarity in Under 5 Minutes.

We’ve made it super easy and fast to get the answers, insights and actions you need to combat COVID-19. No technical knowledge necessary.

Request your personalized ID
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Enter up to 25 defined data points
Personalize your predictions to your resource and support levels, along with external data

View answers, insights and actions. Repeat daily
Send to team and leadership. Save all data. Only update those assumptions that have changed

Hospitals in New York are Using Odin Health for Comprehensive COVID-19 Answers.
When Will You?

Odin Health’s Essential edition is available for free to the healthcare system over the duration of the crisis. The setup is quick and easy. The time to act is now.

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Review our Frequently Asked Questions, including modeling techniques, underlying math, product support, and more to understand Odin Health more fully.