Odin Health FAQ

Is my data saved and private?

Each Odin Health account is private and secure.  All data and account activity is stored in an encrypted and immutable database.  

May I upload my hospital’s actual historical data?

Yes, Odin Health allows for upload of historical performance data which is charted along with predicted performance.  CVS file format is required for data uploads.  A sample template file is provided.

Is Odin Health data available for download?

Yes, all data provided by Odin Health is able to be saved and downloaded locally and incorporated into private reports or dashboards.

Can Odin Health help me with budget planning?

Odin Health v2.3, scheduled for release during week of April, will capture hospital expense data to allow for budget and revenue cycle predictions connected to resource planning predictions.

Is there a fee to use this software?

Odin Health Essential Edition (Aesir release) is free to use during COVID-19 crisis.  Additional enterprise features are available under commercial license agreement. 

Do you offer addition services?

Yes, FatBrain provides enterprise software to help hospitals and banks to manage risk.  Our Artificial Intelligence platform is used by leading global banks, and others for double digit efficiency and  effectiveness gains.  Let us know how can we help?

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