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Posted April 23, 2020 by fatbrain

News: Odin Health Community Edition Launched. Insights for community COVID-19 risk

Exciting news!

We’ve evolved the Odin Health platform designed for qualifying COVID-19 risks facing hospitals, and excited to announce Odin Health Community Edition – a publicly facing website providing insights on COVID-19 risks facing local communities.

Like the Essentials Edition for hospitals, the Community Edition is free to use for anyone seeking to understand, from a quantitative perspective, the risks associated with COVID-19. As the question of “Will/When the Healthcare system be overrun?” shifts to “When will society reopen?”, Odin Health Community Edition is a powerful online tool for anyone seeking to understand their specific risk.

Built on a foundation of dynamic risk intelligence principles, both editions leverage FatBrain’s extensive experience in risk-based decision frameworks, qualify risks in dynamic environments and establish risk appetite protocols. Odin Health provides evidence-based risk dynamics for COVID-19 to help make informed, continuous policy decisions such as when and how to open/reopen/close schools, work and sports.

See the risk score associated with your community at Fatbrain.ai/odin-ce

Below are sample risk scores for four (4) counties close to Philadelphia:

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