Join our passionate team of engineers and business leaders who are automating financial crime detection.

FatBrain has immediate openings for Machine Learning Engineers in NYC who will contribute and deliver AI/ML code operating in our financial services customer systems. 


Candidate requirements:


Skills –

Leverage Python, Tensorflow, Keras, ScikitLearn and modern NLTK with Word2vec / embeddings in public cloud infrastructures (e.g. AWS / GCP / Azure) along with modern database languages, advanced mathematics and statistical analysis. Microservices, modern infrastructure deployment and orchestration including Docker, Kubernetes and Airflow. Effective written and verbal communication.

Knowledge –

Practical application of skills to build Machine Learning / AI systems to solve business problems. Broad understanding of business operations and modern technology ecosystems. Deep understanding of and ability to easily derive meaning from data. Demonstrate knowledge via link to personal Github repo showcasing prior projects and / or demonstrate the ability to build on prior repos. For example: implement and demonstrate and extend an end-to-end pipelines for multi-modal ML (e.g. ) on GCP within two (2) hours time. Experience in Financial Services (e.g. credit unions, banks, credit-card companies, insurance companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, etc.) Fintech, Regtech is a notable plus.

Talents –

Curiosity, creativity, problem solving, team collaboration, goal oriented, self motivated

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