Financial Crimes Intelligence

Anti-Money Laundering

FatBrain’s AI software automates banks to fight global financial crime, making banks’ forensic ops 90% more efficient and effective, e.g., yielding nine-figure ROI for Top3 Global Bank in 4Q18 to minimize anti- money laundering (AML) risks.

“Managing AML risk dynamically based on emerging risk appetite automatically compatible with known scenarios always felt out of reach. Not anymore. FatBrain’s AI-boosted solution expanded our automated detection capabilities, subsuming expensive manual processes entirely. And its auditable, explainable framework satisfied all AML stakeholders. Engaging at the outset with our internal Model Risk Management team as well as the external regulators was critical and went a long way to the acceptance of the unified framework and improved effectiveness.” Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance, Top 10 Global Bank

We consolidate hundreds of hardcoded rules into a unified AI- AML framework continuously learning from millions of party relations, billions of transactions, thousands of thresholds and tens of thousands of investigative decisions/outcomes.

How it Works

Our AI- AML framework scores each party for AML risk, while reducing false positives and auto- discovering new anomalies across transaction screening and monitoring boosted by watchlist / public risk intelligence using text, numeric, network and video data. We leverage modern advances in machine learning and cloud economics to enable sustained advantages of (i) simplicity with single, scalable, encrypted container architecture, (ii) data quality to work with noisy, sparse, imbalanced or missing data using vector embeddings and generative autoencoders, and (iii) auditability with explainable, transparent quantification and de-biasing using blockchain trust.


The Result

FatBrain’s AI AML Engine improves efficiency and effectiveness at a massive scale.

customer engagement

Transaction monitoring plus external data sources

customer loyalty

Compliance and business reporting

churn reduction

Focus on catching bad actors

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