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Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Optimization

Wouldn’t it be nice to deliver loyalty-driving, hyper-personal experiences to every customer, whether they are 1 of 1M or 100M in your customer base? With the FatBrain Outcomes Engine, you can.

By creating individualized treatment personas with corresponding priority to engage, retain, and provide offers, you can optimize the spend needed to reach every customer and keep them satisfied (without offering unnecessary discounts), as well as find others like them.


Using Transaction Behaviors to Influence Spend

Apply FatBrain to transaction data for selected customers during a given month, and the engine will recommend the best promotion—with the highest potential CLTV score—to offer each customer.

Before FatBrain After FatBrain

customer 1
customer 2
customer 3

customer lifetime lenend

How it Works

The Outcomes Engine automatically learns customer representations on a common metric-space from historical transactional data and other customer metadata. It discovers associations between past transactions and quantifies the optimal incentive expected to earn the highest CLTV.

provided data
learned insights
realtime actions

The Result

FatBrain’s Outcomes Engine delivers hyper-personal sales campaign and product recommendations at a massive scale.

customer engagement

Keep high-frequency buyers engaged

Use consistent messaging and timely retargeting to avoid seasonal buyers, infrequent shoppers, and resellers.

customer loyalty

Optimize loyalty among high-value customers

Deliver the best promotions and loyalty programs to customers with the highest CLTV score.

churn reduction

Reduce probability of churn

Identify less active buyers to re-engage and retain using targeted incentives for return visits, etc.


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