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Wouldn’t be nice if every service representative had the power to read the customer’s mind, immediately identify their intent, and align it to business outcomes? With the FatBrain Outcomes Engine, they can.

By transforming a caller’s unstructured spoken or typed request into a structured event and scoring it against the desired business outcome with our Deep Intent App, they can reach resolution with the customer in 2 questions instead of 20.


Distilling Interactions from 20 to 2

In our Deep Intent workflow, the business manager enters an outcome, e.g. “likely to pay”. The FatBrain engine scores all agent and customer conversations from unstructured voice transcripts or chat interactions in real-time to provide an Intent Quotient (IQ) quantified for the “likely to pay” business outcome.

Before FatBrain After FatBrain

conversation before

customer iq legend

How it Works

Imagine a customer calling in to report being late on a loan payment for October, because they have a new job and their paycheck won’t arrive until the next month. All they are seeking is a reprieve for the current month’s payment.

Without torturing them with 20 different questions with the typical voice-mail-jail, imagine if your service agent could quickly quantify their intent from 2 questions and qualify them for the later repayment.

Note, no records exist in the back office that customer has a new job, but the Deep Intent App helps identify and transform the intent of the caller’s spoken request into a structured event to score it against the desired business outcome. This information is then relayed to the service representative in real-time through augmented conversation.


The Result

FatBrain’s Outcomes Engine enables successful customer engagement to optimize the customer experience.

customer intent quotient

Quantify customer intent

Identify the root cause (e.g., job loss) and its relative impact on the outcome (likely to pay) when compared to a different customer provided explanation (e.g., move).

causal rewards

Enable causal rewards

Help service agents make real-time decisions on what to offer or reward, driven by discovered causal relationships.

build loyalty

Build lifetime loyalty

Continuous insights learned from customer interactions support higher basket size and lower churn, yielding greater lifetime value.


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