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A clear path to the best business outcomes – Teachable AI to automate enterprise decision cycles.

Our AI solutions continuously learn, explain and intervene based on your historical transactions and payoffs, incumbent models and in-house experts’ decisions.

Quick Start

With modern SaaS delivery automation, IT teams can deploy our solutions in weeks yielding 100x better performance vs. classic systems.

Business teams can engage in automating business outcomes with following illustrative FatBrain solutions:

– Yield Optimization (10-100x operational improvement)
– Offer Intelligence (9-figure operational improvement)
– Cross-Sell/Upsell (2% lift in overall production)
– Collections (37% faster revenue cycle)
– Fraud Detection (4BB TXN/day into 300 reports)
– Deep Intent Customer Care (20 interactions to 2)
– Missing Data Quality (2-3x better imputation)

Business analysts, data scientists and IT engineers can drive improved decision cycles across all business interactions.


Smaller, denser models using vector embeddings


Explainable, fair and trustable quantification using blockchain


Works with noisy, sparse, imbalanced or missing data using generative models


Learns from incumbent models and subject matter experts

Our solutions automatically bind together multiple unconnected operational data sources into a unified decision framework, based on both structured and unstructured data, without the overhead and complexities of a data warehouse.

manage learn decide audit

Our solutions are orchestrated thru Manage, Learn, Decide and Audit API modules, packaged via K8s, Docker and Apache Airflow operating on prem, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM) instantiated on x86, GPU, midrange and mainframe gear.

Let’s get down to business.

Learn how FatBrain will help you effectively navigate your ever-growing data maze to quickly monetize troves of transactional data with real-time decision making.

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