A clear path to the best business decision – in real time, every time, where your data lives.

FatBrain’s Outcomes Engine automates business decision-making to grow sales, reduce risk, and enhance customer experience for lifetime loyalty.

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Get turn-by-turn directions through your massive maze of data, directly to your ideal outcome.

When you can clearly know or learn about all the data at your disposal, you can make trustable, causal-based business decisions, faster.

That’s the difference with the
FatBrain AI-enabled Outcomes™ Engine.

What We Do

We don’t let bias enter your decision-making equation.

Our insights are not hidden inside a black box. Our engine recommends actions but also tells you why at every turn, ensuring decisions made are:


Principled, transparent analysis ensures you can make unbiased decisions.


Auto-generates a blockchain audit trail of how every decision was derived.


Verifiable business decisions tied to data and model(s).


Quantifies the efficacy of possible decisions to assist in identifying the best choice.


How We Do It

All data left in place. None left behind.

fatbrain architecture

Transaction gravity won’t bog us down. We bring decision-making to where your business data lives with a feather-light footprint and API interface.

Our learned vector embeddings (LVE™) technology uses 100% of your business data and signals — whether numerical, categorical, text, image, sound, or video — to increase data surface area and deliver amplified analysis.


How it Works



Connects multiple data sources (structured, unstructured) in any location (on premise, cloud) from any platform (mainframe, midrange, x86).

assess & learn

Assess & Learn

Creates a vector-space view of the data bound to a common backplane to learn all possible business outcomes through “what-if” analysis.

assist & decide

Assist & Decide

Quantifies the impact of each possible business decision, directing the business analyst or data scientist to a recommended action.

self optimize

Self Optimize

Learns from past decisions and payoffs to continuously refine future decision-making.

comply explain

Comply & Explain

Auto-generates a blockchain audit trail of the each decision, along with data features most impacting the decision and model lineage.


What’s Enabled

With high fidelity data,
the answers become clear.

Before FatBrain After FatBrain

Option 1

high-fidelity data set 1

Option 2

high-fidelity data set 2

Option 3

high-fidelity data set 3

Before FatBrain, decision fields with missing or non-numerical data were simply discarded, leading to biased or error-prone estimates.

FatBrain performs automated imputation of missing & mislabeled data, auto-generating more decision fields than you started with for better decision making.

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Learn how FatBrain will help you effectively navigate your ever-growing data maze to quickly monetize troves of transactional data with real-time decision making.

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